Understanding Your Class Schedule

Below is a sample schedule with explanations to help you understand how to read your class schedule. If you have any further questions about your schedule contact your academic advisor for assistance.

image of a class schedule card
  1. My Class Schedule tab on your Student Center page where you will also see your name.
  2. Display Options. There are two display options: List View or Weekly Calendar View. The list view is the default view. The Weekly Calendar View displays a schedule in a weekly format.
  3. Term (Semester and Year) for your schedule.
  4. Catalog Course Number and Title. The catalog course title starts with the Academic Department abbreviation followed by the Catalog Number and Course Extension (type of Component(s) associated with the course). Example: ENG 105, the extension LEC indicates that this course has one component: a lecture.
  5. Course Detail. You will see the Class Nbr (course registration number), Section, and Component. You will then see the Days and Times, Room (location), Instructor, and Start/End Date for the course.
    • Mo - Monday
    • Tu - Tuesday
    • We - Wednesday
    • Th - Thursday
    • Fr - Friday
  6. Component. Some classes will only have one component (Lecture - ENG 105LEC). Other classes may have more than one component. Common Component combinations that you will see are:
    • Lecture and Recitation (LR)
    • Lecture, Laboratory and Recitation (LLR)
    • Lecture and Discussion (LD)
    • Laboratory and Recitation (LBR)
    • If a class has more than one component there will be a row for each component (Example: ECO 181LD)
  7. Printer Friendly Page allows you to print a version of your schedule.

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