Advising Directory

Undergraduate academic advising is offering a full range of advising services during the COVID-19 situation.

Students can schedule an appointment online through Navigate, and call or email their advisor/advising center directly for assistance.

All UB students are assigned a professional academic advising center based upon their major and/or affiliation with a special program.

Students can check their HUB Student Center - Academic Progress tile – Advisors, to locate their program advisor/advising center for assistance.

Regularly meeting with academic advisors is critical to students’ success. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor early and often — at least once a semester until graduation.

Find your academic advising center(s) below.

Special Programs

Students affiliated with scholarly communities, programs and athletics receive specialized services from their program centers as well as from departmental/major academic advisors:

Access to College Excellence (ACE)

112 Capen Hall, North Campus 716-645-7301

Daniel Acker Scholars (ACKER)

112 Capen Hall, North Campus 716-645-7301

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

211 Norton Hall, North Campus 716-645-3072

Office of Athlete Academic Affairs

169 Alumni Arena, North Campus 716-645-5530

Student Support Services (SSS)

127 Capen Hall, North Campus 716-645-2732

University Honors College (HON)

106 Capen Hall, North Campus 716-645-3020

Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center (EPAC)

EPAC advises students who have not decided on a major as well as Prehealth and Pre-Law students.
112 Capen Hall, North Campus 716-645-6013

Academic Advising Centers

Students who have decided on a major, including minors, certificate programs and micro-credentials, are advised by the appropriate academic advising center:

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Student Advisement & Services

275 Park Hall, North Campus 716-645-6883
CAS Majors CAS Minors CAS Certificates CAS Micro-Credentials

Graduate School of Education (GSE)

367 Baldy Hall, North Campus 716-645-6640
GSE Minors

Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (JSMBS) Undergraduate Education

40 Biomedical Education Building, South Campus 716-829-3005
JSMBS Majors JSMBS Minors

School of Architecture and Planning Undergraduate Education (AED)

126 Hayes Hall, South Campus 716-829-3485 Ext. 4
AED Majors AED Minors

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Academic Advisement

410 Bonner Hall, North Campus 716-645-2774
SEAS Majors SEAS Minors SEAS Certificate

School of Law (LAW)

614 O’Brian Hall, North Campus 716-645-6603
LAW Major LAW Minor

School of Management (MGT) Academic Advisement

204 Alfiero Center, North Campus 716-645-3206
MGT Majors MGT Minor

School of Nursing (NUR) Undergraduate Advisement

Beck Hall, South Campus 716-829-2537
NUR Majors

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPPS) Undergraduate Advising

270 Pharmacy Building, South Campus
SPPS Majors SPPS Minors

School of Public Health and Health Professions (PHHP) Undergraduate Student Services

104 A-C Kimball Tower, South Campus 716-829-5000
PHHP Majors PHHP Minors

School of Social Work (SW)

685 Baldy Hall, North Campus 716-645-1250
SW Minor SW Micro-Credential

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