Student and Advisor Responsibilities

Academic Advisors Are Expected to:

  • Discuss the educational and career objectives suited to the student’s demonstrated abilities and expressed interests. Advisors help students understand the relationships among the courses, programs, undergraduate research opportunities, and other academic experiences provided by the university.
  • Assist the student with understanding the academic and administrative processes of the university and the nature of its academic programs. The advisor also seeks to understand each student’s particular concerns regarding academic progress.
  • Assist the student in planning a course of study and give advice about courses and adjustment of course loads. The advisor will inform the student about the prerequisites for subsequent courses in the student’s program.
  • Help the student become an independent, self-confident decision maker, able to solve problems that arise in pursuit of their educational goals.
  • Provide clear and accurate information.
  • Refer students to other resources when appropriate.

Students Are Expected to:

  • Be actively engaged in seeking the academic and career information needed to meet educational goals.
  • Acquire the skills needed to assume final responsibility for course scheduling, program planning, and the successful completion of all graduation requirements.
  • Become knowledgeable about the relevant policies, procedures, and rules of the university and academic programs.
  • Be prepared with accurate information and relevant materials when contacting the advisor.
  • Consult with their advisor at least once a semester to select courses, review the accuracy of the Academic Advisement Report, check progress towards graduation, and discuss the suitability of other educational opportunities provided by the university.
  • Make satisfactory academic progress.
  • Frequently check HUB Student Center, Navigate and UB email to access important information and resources.

By accepting responsibility for their education, students enhance the development of their academic, social, and career goals.

As a condition of enrollment, students are responsible for reviewing, understanding, and abiding by the university’s regulations, procedures, requirements, and deadlines as described in official publications, including the university’s undergraduate catalog, UB websites, and official university email communications.

Rules of Conduct

All students are required to positively affirm their knowledge of UB’s Student Conduct Rules, University Standards, and Administrative Regulations prior to their inaugural semester at UB.

Asserting a lack of knowledge of university regulations will not be accepted as a basis for an exception to these regulations.

Prior to enrollment, all students must affirm awareness of UB's Rules, Regulations, & Policies.

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University at Buffalo Academic Advisement Vision Statement: To empower students to be active, responsible learners who take full advantage of the many opportunities the university provides in the areas of academics, research, and community and global engagement.