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Preparing for Course Registration

Your academic advisor will register you for some or all of your first term classes. For each semester thereafter, we give you the tools to register on your own.

Between now and the beginning of your orientation conference, you can expect to be contacted by your advisor. Each advising unit selects their own outreach method for registering new students:

  • Some advising offices will contact you to schedule an appointment;
  • Others may reach out by mail or email to review your interests and develop your class schedule

See the Orientation website and the Course Registration Process/Timeline Chart for the specific course registration process for your advising unit.

Who is My Advisor?

Academic advising at the University at Buffalo is delivered through a network of professional advising centers. Students are assigned an academic advisor based upon their major and special population affiliation if applicable.

Exploratory students or students who have not selected a major will be advised by the Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center.

To locate your academic advisor visit your MyUB HUB Student Center - Academic Progress tile or use Navigate. You can also locate your advising center by using the Advising Directory.

How Can I Best Prepare for Working with My Advisor?

Most importantly, respond to any communications from your advisor and complete any supplemental materials/assignments that your advisor may require.

If You Have Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

Some students will enter UB with Advanced Placement (AP) credit; this credit may count toward a UB degree, or, in some cases, credit toward major and UB Curriculum (general education) requirements.

AP Credit Reminders

  • Official transcripts from the College Board must be sent to UB. Use school code 2925 to distinguish UB (SUNY Center Buffalo) from Buffalo State (SUNY College Buffalo).
  • In some instances new students will not know their AP score when they speak with an advisor for course registration. It is important that you contact your academic advisor when you find out your AP scores as it may affect your first semester course registration.
  • Transfer students must have their original score sent to UB from the College Board. UB will not accept scores from a previous institution.

If You Have College Credit

Some students will transfer credits earned at other accredited colleges or universities to UB. It is important that you tell your advisor about any college credit you have earned. Your advisor will need to know the school, course name, and number for all college level credit completed.

To obtain an official transcript of your college credit, contact the registrar’s office at your previous college(s) to send an official transcript to or:

  • Office of Admissions
  • 12 Capen Hall
  • University at Buffalo
  • Buffalo, New York 14260-1660

Electronic versions of your transcripts are strongly recommended. A separate official transcript must be received from each institution you previously attended.

Transferring Course Credit from a SUNY School

Students who are transferring SUNY courses to UB and wish to appeal the transfer credit evaluation and course equivalencies awarded by UB may utilize the SUNY Transfer Appeal Process.

The UB Curriculum is a unique program of general education for all undergraduate students at UB. Serving as the core academic experience, it celebrates the joy of intellectual discovery and prepares students for life, career and citizenship in a diverse and dynamic world. Visit the Undergraduate Catalog and select UB Curriculum (General Education) for more information.

Once You Are Registered for Classes

  • Go online to see your class schedule in the HUB Student Center — Manage Classes tile via MyUB (UBIT Name & Password required). Your advisor will email your schedule along with the Finalize Your UB Class Schedule brochure.
  • Review the HUB Student Center Training Guides on View My Class Schedule (List View) and Weekly View.
  • If you have any questions about your schedule contact your academic advisor. Contact information for your advisor is typically in with your schedule brochure. If you are not sure who to contact use the Advising Directory to locate your advising center.

As a registered student at UB, you are financially and academically responsible for the courses in which you are enrolled.

If you will not be able to attend UB this semester:

What is Finish in 4?

Finish in 4 is an initiative to help UB students complete their four-year degree in four years! It is UB’s commitment to provide students with the resources and guidance needed to achieve this goal. New first-year students are encouraged to take the Pledge to Finish in 4 upon enrolling at the University. Review the Finish in 4 website for more information.

How do I sign up for Finish in 4?

Look for the “Finish in 4” question on the Orientation Data Form. This is how new first-year students (entering in the fall term only) can opt to take the Pledge. Please be sure to first review all information on the Finish in 4 website and discuss any questions you may have with your advisor. If you do not take the Pledge on the Orientation Data Form and decide later that you wish to do so consult with your advisor.

What classes will I take my first year?

A typical first-year student schedule entails courses that fulfill major or UB Curriculum (general education) requirements. To graduate, students need a minimum of 120 credits consisting of requirements from their major, UB Curriculum, and free electives (if applicable). New students are recommended to complete at least 15 credits a semester for a total of 30 credits for the year. Some majors require more than 120 credits.

What is a major?

A major is a focused concentration in one area of study. Your major may require you to complete a range of credits, depending on the field and degree you choose.

What if I don’t have a major yet?

Don’t worry. If you enter UB as an Exploratory student you will be assigned an academic advisor who will suggest courses to help meet the UB Curriculum (general education) requirements and also help you explore majors.

Note: If you are transferring to UB with 60 credits or more, it is highly recommended that you be accepted into a major, given time to degree and potential impact on financial aid. Talk to your advisor right away.

What is the UB Curriculum (general education)?

The UB Curriculum is a unique program of general education for all undergraduate students at UB.

How does my advisor know I’m ready for a particular course?

Appropriate course placement is based on previous high school, transfer grades, test credit, or applicable assessment scores.

What if I took Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

Have the College Board/ETS send your scores to UB — and be sure to tell your UB advisor, because this may affect your course selection. Review How to Request Official Score Reports for Exam Credit or contact the College Board for further information.

What if I’ve taken college courses?

If you’ve taken or are currently taking college-level courses, tell your advisor and have an official transcript sent to the UB Admissions Office. Review Request Your Transcripts for further information.

Why don’t I have the same schedule as my friend?

Class schedules are designed to meet each student’s individual interests, needs, and abilities, and to fulfill different UB Curriculum or major requirements. This may mean that you may not take the same required courses at the same time as your friends.

What if I change my plans and choose not to attend UB?

You must complete the Not Enrolling at UB (PDF) form. If you believe you will be able to enroll at UB for a future semester, please contact the Office of Admissions. They can retain your application for entry at a future time.

If you are enrolled for courses and then choose not to attend UB, be aware that there is a deadline date for dropping courses without financial penalty in each semester. Refer to the Student Calendars to see the deadline date for the semester you are enrolled.

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