Withdrawing & Leave of Absence

Administrative Withdrawal from University Coursework

Students who must withdraw from the university after the end of the last date to resign courses should consult with their academic advisor for appropriate procedures, justification, and documentation to request an Administrative Withdrawal (grade of “W”).

The complete Administrative Withdrawal policy is found in the Academic Withdrawal from University Coursework page in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Implications of Administrative Withdrawal from Coursework

  • Resigning or withdrawing could affect your graduation date, for every course that is resigned or withdrawn you will have to pick up those additional credits in future terms.
  • Withdrawal could impact your financial aid package (TAP, PELL, loans, scholarships, etc.). Be sure to check with your financial aid advisor.

Undergraduate Leave of Absence

Students considering leaving the university for a period of time should consult with their academic advisor. Leaves of absence are approvable under certain circumstances and may assist students in avoiding the need to file an application for readmission. The complete Leave of Absence policy is found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

The procedure to follow to file for a Leave of Absence (deadline dates, eligibility criteria) is found on the Office of the Registrar website.

International Students must speak with an advisor in International Student and Scholar Services before filing a Leave of Absence.

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