Academic Good Standing

To maintain academic standards and determine eligibility for continued enrollment, financial aid, and participation in university activities, the University at Buffalo regularly reviews the grades of all undergraduate students.

This review addresses the quality of the student’s studies as measured by the student’s course grades. The university’s Academic Standards Review and the criteria for determination of Academic Warning, Academic Probation, and Academic Dismissal, can be found in the Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog.

If you have been dismissed from the university you should review UB's Academic Dismissal/Appeal and Re-Entering Students information.

How Can I Get Help?

It is essential that you seek individual advisement and assistance from university student support services. You can begin by contacting your academic advisor, check your HUB Student Center Advisor Channel to locate your academic advising center or consult the advising directory.

What Should I Be Thinking About?

Before you begin the next term consider the following ideas as they relate to your current academic status:

  • Are you spending enough time on your studies? Students who get excellent grades study at least 5 hours a day.
  • If you performed below average (C-, D+, or D) in the first half of a sequential course (e.g. CHE 101) and are registered for the second half (e.g. CHE 102), speak with your professor or academic advisor to determine if you are prepared to take the course.
  • If you failed the first half of a sequential course and are registered for the second half, speak with your advisor about adjusting your schedule for the upcoming term.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate pre-requisite courses completed before taking a course.
  • Review your term’s course grades. You may need to consider an alternative major which is a better fit with your skills.
  • Discuss with your advisor the value of repeating courses.
  • Are you working too many hours? Carrying a full time course load and working more than 15-20 hours per week can impact your academic performance.
  • Should you reduce your academic course load for the upcoming term?
  • If you are planning to take a term off, talk with your advisor.

What If I Need Other Assistance?

In addition to the assistance provided by your academic advisor you may find these other student services useful to improve your academic performance:

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University at Buffalo Academic Advisement Vision Statement: To empower students to be active, responsible learners who take full advantage of the many opportunities the university provides in the areas of academics, research, and community and global engagement.