Succeeding in College

“An undergraduate education should be more than training leading to a job; it should be an intellectual challenge, a source of joy and an adventure that prepares students for their future endeavors.

No two students come to UB with the same background, but all who enter will find in its faculty, classrooms, laboratories, residence halls, gymnasiums, libraries and student services an unending source of the stimulation they need in order to learn and grow.” (UB Undergraduate Catalog, 2016)

Success occurs in three distinct yet interconnected realms of achievement, engagement and destination.

  • Developing a plan and acquiring new skills
  • Involving yourself in the campus, local and global community
  • Being prepared for what’s next after college

Successful students set goals and develop plans, learn to overcome difficulty, and take advantage of the rich array of opportunities and resources available to them.

Additional guidelines for being a successful UB student are explained in the Staying on Track section of this site with specific recommendations for each of your four years in college.

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University at Buffalo Academic Advisement Vision Statement: To empower students to be active, responsible learners who take full advantage of the many opportunities the university provides in the areas of academics, research, and community and global engagement.