Finish in 4
Our commitment to your graduation.
of UB's inaugural
Finish in 4 class
graduated on time
of UB students
graduate on time

(37% average at comparable
state public institutions)
of incoming freshmen
take the pledge

Go far
in your field,
not deep into debt.

Extra semesters mean extra tuition and fees. When you graduate in four years, you minimize the cost of your education and can enter the workforce or graduate school earlier.

Take the guesswork out of graduating in four years.

Did you know the average student takes five to six years to complete a four-year degree? At UB, you’ll be anything but average. We are leading the charge to help all students graduate on time with Finish in 4.

Finish in 4 is a pledge by you to do what it takes to earn your degree in four years, and a pledge by UB to provide you with the resources needed to do that.

If you take the pledge and fulfill all of the requirements but still can’t graduate in four years, UB will provide the opportunity to complete the needed courses free of tuition and comprehensive fee charges.

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Last updated: July 15, 2019 3:09 pm EST

What our students are saying:

I think that Finish in 4 benefited me most when I developed my curricular plan with my advisor.

- Kelsey

Finish in 4 helps students to stay on track, as they can actively focus on achieving career goals.

- Tianna

The commitment I made during my first semester definitely shaped my transition from high school to university life.

- Paula