How to Make an Appointment (Advising Appointment)

  1. You can enter EAB Navigate in the following ways:
    • From an office’s website.
    • From a staff member’s email signature.
    • From a direct link.
  2. You will log in using your UBIT Name and password.
  3. You will see a series of questions and drop-down selections that will help you find a time to meet with someone. Read on for specific instructions regarding each question.
  4. What type of appointment would you like to schedule? Choose one.
    • Academic Advising
    • Student Support
    • Tutoring
  5. To help you find a time, please tell us the reason for your appointment. Select from the drop-down options available to you.
    • The drop-down options for Academic Advising and Tutoring will be specific to you. For example, if you are a double major, both majors will display. If your school or college has a tutoring center, you will see that in addition to the university’s central tutoring services.
  6. For academic advising, select Advising.
    • To help you find a time, please tell us why you’d like to see someone. Select the option that applies.
    • The options that display are based on your major and if you belong to an area of the university that is currently allowing online appointment scheduling.
    • Choose from the menu options and click “Next.”
      • Academic Advising is typically the only option you will see.
      • You will have the ability to enter more information in the Comments section.
    • Click "Next."
    Screenshot of the pull-down menu choices for the appointment scheduler.
  7. The next page will allow you to select a location and the advisor with whom you would like to meet.
    • Who would you like to meet with? You may choose more than one person.
      • If the location you selected allows you to pick a staff member, you can select someone (or more than one) individual from the list. If you pick more than one person, it will display both selections’ appointment availability.
      • If you do not have a preference, you can bypass the selection list as it will display all open appointment availability for the reason you selected.
      • Some advising centers allow you to only make appointments with your assigned advisor. In this case, this box will be grayed out and you will not need to select anything.
    • The Pick a Course selection will only display if your appointment reason is tied to a course or you need tutoring.
      • Within the drop down, you should see your personal schedule.
      • Pick the course for which you need tutoring.
      • If the location you’ve selected doesn’t offer tutoring for a specific course on your schedule, you’ll see it at the bottom of the list with “unavailable” next to it.
    • Click “Next.”
    Screenshot of where to choose the location for the appointment.
  8. Select the day and time you would like to meet.
    • You may need to click on the blue arrow at the top right to find additional days/times.
    • The availability that displays is based on your class schedule and your advisor’s schedule. Appointments may vary in duration based on the type of appointment (ex. Advising, Tutoring, etc.)
    • Click on one of the blue boxes for Morning or Afternoon. A list of available times will display. Select the time you want.
    • Click “Next.”
    This shows a sample of available times.
  9. Confirm your details and review the “Additional Details” section carefully. In the Comments section, you are required to enter your phone number (with area code) and any information/questions you would like to discuss.
  10. Click Confirm Appointment.
    • You (and the staff member you selected) will be sent an appointment notification immediately and an appointment reminder 4-6 hours prior to your actual appointment.
    This shows the screen after an appointment has been made.
  11. You can cancel appointments if needed.
    • Please be mindful that departments have the ability to determine how far in advance you can cancel appointments. Check with them about their process and review how to cancel an appointment.

Last updated: April 28, 2020 2:22 pm EST

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