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Applying for a Major

Students must be accepted into a major and complete all of the requirements for that major in order to graduate from UB. Every major at UB requires that students complete a prescribed set of courses (pre-requisites) to gain admittance into the major and/or upper level courses. Meeting with an academic advisor each semester will help students stay on track with completing these pre-requisite courses. Academic advisors across campus assist students with this course plan.

Intended vs. Approved Major

  • Intended Major is an intention to pursue a major. The Acceptance Criteria requirements (pre-requisite course, minimum GPA, etc. ) are in progress but not yet completed, the student is not yet eligible to officially apply to the major.
  • Approved Major is when the student has completed all Acceptance Criteria for the major, applied to the major, and has been accepted.

Students who have completed 60 units (credit hours), need to have an Intended or Approved Major in order to maintain appropriate academic and financial progress.

When to Apply

Students normally apply to their major during the semester that they are completing the last of their prerequisite courses or during the spring semester of their sophomore year. Application deadline dates vary by department; some departments review applications and accept students continuously while other departments admit students once per year. Application deadlines can be found in the Academic Program section of the Undergraduate Catalog for the appropriate major. Remember students should be accepted into their major no later than the spring semester of their sophomore year or before having 60 credit hours completed.

How to Apply

  1. Be sure you have completed the Acceptance Criteria for your major: Your academic advisor can review these requirements with you to be sure you are eligible to apply to the major.
  2. Review the department website for application deadlines and processes: Department information can be accessed through the Academic Programs tab in the Undergraduate Catalog for the appropriate major.
  3. Go to the department: Bring any application materials that are required including a copy of your Academic Advisement Report. Be sure to bring any additional documents that may be required by your major department (e.g. references, evidence of volunteer work, etc.). Note that some departments may require students to apply online.

Once you are accepted into your major your HUB Student Center will be updated to reflect that you are an Approved Major. Your Academic Advisement Report will also reflect this change. You will then be eligible to register in majors-only courses. If you already have an Approved Major on your record and are adding another major, your Academic Advisement Report will show both approved majors.

Last updated: April 20, 2015 4:14 pm EST

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