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Several campus offices work together to provide a host of services, programs and opportunities aimed at ensuring that students who transfer to UB have a successful experience. These resources include:

If you have not been admitted to UB and you would like information on the transfer application process, please visit the Transfer Admissions website.

If you are a newly admitted transfer student please review the First Year Students: Transfer Resources pages.

If you have already been admitted to UB, consider taking advantage of our transfer student programs and services.

Academic Advising

New transfer students will be assigned an academic advisor based on their intended (or approved) major. A complete listing of academic advising centers by major can be found in the Advising Directory.

Together, the academic advisor and student will discuss how the student’s previous coursework fits into their academic program at UB. There are many resources to help students understand this process including:

For information on Transfer Student Services, please contact Lisa Sandquist at

Transfer Ambassador Program

All new transfer students are assigned a transfer ambassador to serve as a resource during their transition to UB. See the Transfer Ambassador Program for more information.

Transfer E-Newsletter

A monthly e-newsletter written by transfer students for transfer students. See Transfer E-Newsletter for more information.

Tau Sigma

In 2001, UB established a chapter of the Tau Sigma National Transfer Honor Society. Students are eligible for membership in this honor society if they complete 12 or more credits in their first UB semester and earn a 3.5 or greater GPA. Students pay one-time membership dues of $55, and each spring new members are inducted in a formal ceremony.

Tau Sigma continues activities throughout the year, giving students an opportunity to get involved in the campus and local community and help new transfer students transition to UB life. Tau Sigma is run by elected student leaders and it is a great way to get involved, meet other students, and develop leadership skills.

Advanced Honors

The Advanced Honors Program was created for students who have outstanding academic records upon the completion of at least 45 college credit hours (transfer work is included). Advanced Honors Scholars receive formal recognition for their exceptional achievements and have the unique opportunity to do advanced, graduate-level research. There are deadlines within each semester for application to the program. Review the program’s application requirements for further information.

  • Go to class! Go to class! Go to class!
  • Time management is an important skill and a key to success at UB.
  • Use the MANY resources available to you.
  • GET INVOLVED! Interacting with others gives you a sense of belonging to the UB community.
  • Successful UB students ask A LOT of questions.
  • Remember, registration for the next semester is during the current semester.
  • Get to know your professors — they can be a great help, especially when you need recommendations for graduate school or jobs.
  • Read all information you receive — carefully!
  • Make time for things you enjoy doing. You can use them as rewards for studying hard or completing an assignment.
  • Be aware of deadlines! There’s one for just about everything.

*These tips were submitted by actual UB transfer students who earned at least a 3.0 during their first year at UB.

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