AdvisorTrac is a web-based system that advisors across campus use to schedule advising appointments, record and share student appointment notes, and report on student activity and progress. To be granted access to AdvisorTrac you must be employed at UB as either a staff or faculty member who provides academic advising or related services to UB students. Contact the Advising Administrator in your center or college for further information about requesting access.

You can access AdvisorTrac remotely from any device, i.e. laptops, home PC's, or smartphones. For adequate performance we recommend you use the most updated operating system available for your device.

Inputting Student Appointment Notes

Student notes are sensitive data and are therefore protected under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines. For further information review the University at Buffalo’s FERPA Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy. Questions regarding the policy may be directed to Judicial Affairs & Student Advocacy, 252 Capen Hall, 645-6154. Before entering student notes into AdvisorTrac you must review the Inputting Student Notes guidelines, complete the AdvisorTrac Access/FERPA form (PDF), and return it to your Advising Administrator. Access to the system will not be granted unless this form has been submitted.

Use the links below to access AdvisorTrac training materials:

AdvisorTrac Reports:

  • Advisor History (PDF): Run by center’s liaison to report on multiple advisors’ appointment history (Reason Codes, Visits, Notes, etc.)
  • Individual Advisor History (PDF): Run by an individual advisor for personal advising history (Weekly & Monthly Visits, Reason Codes, Notes, etc.)

The processes you are able to do in AdvisorTrac are dependent on your level of security access in the system. Questions about levels of access in AdvisorTrac should be directed to your Advising Administrator.

Last updated: October 23, 2015 11:02 am EST