Academic Advisement Tools

MyUB and the HUB Student Center

MyUB is UB’s online portal for students; it facilitates access to many UB tools, resources and services. Students log in to their MyUB page with their UBIT Name and Password.

The HUB Student Center, accessed via MyUB, is where students register for classes, check their grades, run a degree audit, manage their financial aid and student account information and more.

From the HUB Student Center students can:

  • Locate their academic advisor/advisor center (PDF)
  • Generate their individualized Academic Advisement Report (AAR), What–If Advisement Report, MyPlanner, Transfer Credit Report (TCR), and access Schedule Builder.

These advising tools help students determine what courses to register for each semester and track their progress towards graduation.

HUB Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

The Academic Advisement Report (AAR) is an advising tool that students and advisors use to track students’ progress towards completing UB Curriculum (general education) and major requirements.

The report compares the student’s course work against UB requirements and indicates whether the student has completed the requirements. The report also calculates the students Grade Point Average (GPA).

See the My Advisement Report Overview (PDF) tutorial for further information.

Students should review their AAR at least once a semester because the AAR:

  • Lists their UB Curriculum (General Education) and major requirements
  • Lists requirements that are satisfied and outstanding
  • Tracks the acceptance criteria (courses & GPA) for entry into majors
  • Tracks progress towards graduation
  • Is used in the university evaluation for degree conferral

How to use the AAR for Course Planning

Before every class enrollment cycle students should review their AAR to determine what requirements are outstanding for both their major and UB Curriculum (general educational) programs. To stay on track for timely graduation students should register for the courses that satisfy these outstanding requirements.

The AAR lists both the requirement, and the classes that will fulfill, or satisfy the requirement.

HUB My Planner

My Planner allows students to plan courses based on their requirements for an individual term, multiple terms, or for their entire program of study. When used along with the enrollment option of choosing courses by My Requirements, students can view, add, and maintain the courses based on their requirements. My Planner allows students to enroll in these planned courses when they are ready.

For further information see HUB: Guide to Using My Planner (PDF) and Enroll by My Requirements (PDF).

HUB What-If Advisement Report

The What-If Advisement Report gives students the ability to run a simulated academic advisement report that compares the student’s transcript against a proposed major. The report is a valuable resource for student to use when they are considering changing their major.

Review the Create a What-If Advisement Report (PDF) tutorial for further information.

HUB Transfer Credit Report (TCR)

The HUB Transfer Credit Report (TCR) lists incoming transfer courses and their UB equivalents along with units and grades. The report also includes Advanced Placement (AP) and other alternative or exam test credits (Clep, IB, A-levels, etc).

Students should review their TCR for accuracy and report any missing courses or inaccurate information to their academic advisor. If the report is not accurate the transfer courses will not satisfy the appropriate requirement on the student’s Academic Advising Report.

Review the Understanding My Transfer Credit Summary (PDF) tutorial for further information.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog Curricular Plans

The Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog contains Curricular Plans for every major at UB. These plans list all of the required courses needed to complete the degree. View a curricular plan by selecting the major of your choice from the Degrees & Programs tab in the catalog, you will then find the Curricular Plan tab along the top of page.

All UB students can follow the curricular plan for their major and stay on track for timely graduation. Students should consult with their academic advisor for further information.

Students in the Finish in 4 program are required to meet with their academic advisors each semester to review their progress towards completing their curricular plan requirements.

Path Finder Tool

The Path Finder is a planning tool to aid in the selection of UB Curriculum Pathway courses (students first enrolled Fall 2016 and after). Students access the Path Finder through a link on their Academic Advisement Report.

When using the Pathfinder Tool students should be sure to save their course selections to HUB by selecting the Save to HUB button in the upper right hand corner of the Path Finder page.

Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder (PDF) is a web-based class planning and registration tool that allows students to plan their class schedule and register for classes. Students can import classes directly from My Planner.

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