How to Use the Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog

The university online Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog is a resource that will help you research majors and courses at UB. The catalog contains information about UB’s majors, degree requirements, UB Curriculum (general education) requirements, and academic policies. In this section we will introduce you to a few components of the catalog.

From the catalog’s homepage you will find a navigation bar that includes Academic Programs (majors), Policies & Procedures, and Course Search.

UB Undergraduate Catalog Homepage
  • Academic Programs: View a complete listing of all the majors available here at UB, along with course descriptions.
  • Policies & Procedures: This leads you to information on University Degree Requirements, Finish in Four Curricular Plans, among many topics.
  • Course Search: Use this feature to search UB courses.

Academic Programs

Under the Academic Programs tab you will find a listing of all of the University at Buffalo’s degree granting programs, along with non-degree granting and special programs. You will be able to review this list of one-hundred plus majors and look at ones that are the most interesting to you.

UB Undergraduate Catalog Academic Programs

When you click on a department link you will find the following information: overview, about the program, degrees and policies, courses, and careers. Pay particular attention to the Degrees & Policies section link which contains information about:

  • Acceptance Criteria: This section tells you which courses you need to complete to apply to the major and what grade point average you need to earn.
  • Required Courses: This section lists all of the courses required for the degree. The list can include courses from other departments.
  • Finish in Four Sequence: This section contains the Curricular Plan or recommended sequence of courses to help you complete the degree in four years.

The Courses link leads you to a listing of the courses offered by the department. The course information is displayed like the example below for a Psychology course:

UB Undergraduate Catalog PSY 101 Course Description

In the course description above you see the department abbreviation for Psychology (PSY), the course number (101), the course title (Introductory Psychology) and the course type (Lecture). You also see the number of credits for the course (3) and the semesters when the course is offered. If Prerequisites (courses that must be completed prior to taking this course) or Co-requisites (courses that should be taken along with the course) apply to this course you will also see them listed.

Course Search

Under the Course Search tab you will find two search options, you can search using a department abbreviation or a search term.

UB Undergraduate Catalog Course Description Search

Using the Course Search we typed in "gender" and below is a listing of some of the results we received. Notice that the search results list classes by department abbreviations (i.e., AS is for Asian Studies and ENG is English ).

UB Undergraduate Catalog Course Description Search Results

This type of search will assist you in identifying your academic interests and connecting your interests to majors.

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