Finish in Four

Pledge to Finish in 4

This is the Pledge for the Class of 2021 only. If you are a continuing student looking for a copy of the Pledge for your year please contact

I agree to:

  • Follow the Curricular Plan for my declared major upon entry* to UB (this includes meeting academic review standards specific to my major).
  • Make sure I have approved** major status by the end of my second year (or completion of 60 credits).
  • Earn at least 30 credits per academic year and maintain good academic standing as per the University’s Academic Standards Review.
  • Contact my academic advisor or the Finish in 4 (FI4) Office within one week of my enrollment date* if I am unable to register in a required class on the Curricular Plan for my major.
  • Complete the “Major and Career Assessment” by the end of my first year.
  • Remain continuously enrolled for four years (fall & spring terms).

*If you change your major the terms of this FI4 pledge will only remain if the advising unit for your new major confirms you can graduate within 4 years of your original admission date to the university.
**Once you earn 60 credits, approved major status is needed to maintain certain types of financial aid.
***You should register for classes on the first day of your enrollment appointment date.

I understand:

If I do not meet the obligations above, I am no longer eligible for UB to “Provide me with the opportunity to complete the UB courses required for my degree (primary academic plan only) free of any tuition and comprehensive fee charges or honor a course waiver or substitution...”

I understand I must also adhere to the following actions and behaviors which correlate to academic success and achieving timely progress toward a degree:

  • Make academics my #1 priority; this means limiting work to less than 20 hours a week and aiming to work on campus if employment is necessary.
  • Choose a major upon completion of 45 credits (if I began as an undecided/exploratory student).
  • Participate in activities recommended based on completion of the Major and Career Assessment.
  • Communicate with my academic advisor at least once a semester and seek assistance immediately when I experience academic difficulty.
  • Monitor my academic progress regularly using HUB Self-Service Center tools such as: Academic Advising Report, Planner, and Grades. It is suggested that I complete my Planner for all 8-semesters of my major by the start of my second year.
  • Conduct all academic and business related tasks on time (such as scheduling appointments, registering for classes, resolving holds on my academic record, completing financial aid application/forms).
  • Read my UB email daily.

I understand the University at Buffalo pledges to:

  • Provide academic advisement each term appropriate to my major; including help with developing a four-year Curricular Plan.
  • Offer needed sections and seat capacity in required courses as per Curricular Plans.
  • Monitor my academic progress every term and conduct outreach (via email) regarding my progress, suggested interventions and any non-compliance with pledge requirements.
  • Conduct individualized outreach that identifies actions to be taken by me to support and increase confidence in major and career related choices.
  • Provide me the opportunity to complete the UB course(s) required for my degree (for my primary academic plan only) free of any tuition and comprehensive fee charges or honor a course waiver or substitution, if I fulfill all obligations of this Finish in 4 pledge and am still not able to graduate in 4 years.