Finish in Four

The Pledge to Finish in 4

I have made it my goal to graduate from the University at Buffalo in four years. By taking the pledge to Finish in 4 I understand and agree to do the following in order to qualify for the benefits of Finish in 4:

  • Successfully complete my designated freshman seminar course by the end of my first year.
  • Follow my Curricular Plan each term:
  • Maintain good academic standing with the University and in my major.
  • Complete the appropriate pre-requisite courses and gain acceptance to my major by the stated deadline (timeframe).
  • Register for and successfully complete at least 25% of my total graduation plan credit hours each year.
  • Register in the courses on my plan within one week of my enrollment date.
  • If I am unable to register in a course(s) on my plan I MUST contact my advisor within one week of my enrollment date.
  • Participate in mandatory advisement each term prior to my enrollment date.
  • Complete the career component (MyPlan Assessment and Debrief) by the end of my sophomore year.

We also expect you to adhere to the following behaviors which correlate to academic success and achieving timely progress toward a degree:

  • Make academics my #1 priority; this means limiting work to less than 20 hours a week and aiming to work on campus if a job is necessary.
  • Choose a major by start of my third term (if I began as an undecided/exploratory student).
  • Consult with an advisor immediately if I want to change my major so that we can assess whether or not I can get on track with a new Curricular Plan.
  • Monitor my academic progress regularly using my HUB Self-service Center (Academic advising report; grades; etc.) and get assistance if/when I experience academic difficulty.
  • Conduct all academic and business related tasks on time such as: scheduling appointments, registering for classes, resolving holds on my academic record, completion of financial aid application and forms, and checking grades.
  • Check my UB email daily!

The University at Buffalo pledges to:

  • Provide academic advisement each semester appropriate to your major, including developing a four-year curricular plan.
  • Offer needed sections and seat capacity in required courses as per your curricular plan.
  • Monitor your progress every term.
  • Provide email communications regarding your academic progress and/or any non-compliance with pledge requirements.
  • Offer assistance and recommendations to address any problems you may have with academics or staying on track with your four-year plan.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to complete the UB courses required for your degree (for your primary academic plan only) free of any tuition and comprehensive fee charges, if you fulfill all obligations of the Finish in 4 pledge and are not able to graduate within four years.