Finish in Four

Taking the Pledge

What are the steps involved with staying on track to earn a baccalaureate degree in 4 years?

  1. Make it your goal to earn a UB degree in 4 years.
  2. Review the Pledge and then "TAKE THE PLEDGE" when you complete the Orientation Data Form* (Step 1 in the Orientation process).The deadline for fall 2016 freshmen to "Take the Pledge" is the last day of add/drop or Tuesday, September 6, 2016.
  3. Adhere to the following tips and guidelines for being a successful UB student:
    • Make academics your #1 priority (this includes limiting work to less than 20 hours a week and aiming to work on campus if a job is necessary).
    • Register each semester for the courses on the Curricular Plan for your major and contact your advisor immediately if you cannot enroll in classes as indicated on your plan.
    • Begin with a brief Major and Career assessment before the end of your first year and then continue to utilize the many career planning resources each year.
    • Meet with your academic advisor AT LEAST once a semester; and IMMEDIATELY if/when you experience academic difficulty or wish to change your major.
    • Complete all academic and business related tasks on time: course registration, bill payment, advisement appointment, financial aid processes, and checking grades.
    • Monitor your academic progress regularly using your Advisement Report (in HUB) and with help from your advisor.
    • Check your UB email daily!
  4. Graduate in four years!

*IMPORTAT NOTE: If you already completed your Orientation Data Form and did not select the Finish in 4 Pledge option at that time you may still do so. Please contact the FI4 staff at and we will provide you a link to an electronic enrollment form. Remember, the deadline to "Take the Pledge" is the last day of add/drop-Tues., September 6, 2016.