Think graduating in four years is typical? Think again…

The majority of students nationwide take 5 or 6 years to complete a 4 year degree!

The University at Buffalo is committed to helping all students graduate in four years and to do this we offer Finish in 4: UB’s Commitment to Your Graduation!

  • A pledge by the student to stay committed to the goal of graduating in four years and to follow the actions and behaviors correlated to achieving this goal.
  • A focused initiative to provide students with the resources and guidance needed to complete their four year degree in four years.
  • A roadmap to lifelong success for students.
  • UB’s commitment that if a student takes the Pledge and fulfills all of the obligations, but still can’t graduate in four years, UB will provide him/her the opportunity to complete the needed courses free of any tuition and comprehensive fee charges.

Together we can help UB lead the national charge to improve graduation rates, reduce the burden of debt and move graduates efficiently into the workforce or graduate study programs.

Reflections from our first FIF graduates

Valeria Delgado

“This program also allowed me to realize all of the great services and opportunities here at UB to help students succeed, have fun, and get good grades.”

Paula Lazatin

“The commitment I made during my first semester definitely shaped my transition from high school to university life…”

Timothy Semon

“…it’s a great way to make sure that you utilize the many resources and people willing to help you to be successful at UB.”

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